IsoMetrix delivers solutions for governance that are integrated, visible and actionable.

A web-based solution covering all disciplines within Governance Risk and Compliance, including: Environmental and Safety Management, Food Safety, Health Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance and Environmental and Social Sustainability, IsoMetrix offers the world’s leading technology for GRC.

The product is built on an agile application framework, which allows solutions to be tailored to customers’ specific requirements through a simple drag and drop process.

IsoMetrix typically replaces a wide range of unintegrated spread sheets, database systems and manual processes, delivering a solution that is secure, accessible and centralised.

The IsoMetrix dashboards, powered by QlikView, provide a visibility of the health of all aspects of governance within the business, with the ability to drill down to record level.

One of the strengths of IsoMetrix, is its use on an operational level: all actions created in the system, whether against audit findings, or risk mitigation controls, or in minutes of meetings, are visible in the central action manager, allowing managers to ensure agreed tasks are closed out on time, thereby driving continual improvement.