Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) improve performance which leads to success.

Selecting the wrong KPIs, however, will harm your performance and ultimately your business.

There are so many things that could be measured and knowing what to measure will significantly increase your chances of success.

As a manager, you can often feel lost when selecting KPIs. This can easily lead to being labelled a bad manager  – especially when performance targets are missed.

Choosing the right Key Performance Indicators should be easy and predictable for any manager – but it’s not.

We know how it feels to be lost and undecided when choosing KPIs for your team or staff.

To help managers in South Africa to solve this problem, we have teamed up with the KPI Institute to train managers from all industries and organisations:

  • The KPI institute is the leading world authority on KPIs
  • The content is used in over 75 countries
  • The courses have been tried and tested by more than 930,000 professionals in over 50,000 organisations

The 1 day KPI training course, will give you all your need to improve performance using the right KPIs.
This includes:

  • Having a robust framework with the correct terminology so that nobody gets confused
  • Over 8000 Examples of KPIs some of which you can copy and paste for your organisation
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Templates
  • Short videos and tools to help communicate to your staff.
  • Other resources

The training course won’t cost you anything as the cost can be claimed back from your Skills Development Levy.

Just invest 1 day of your time in mastering one of the most important business skills. (BTW, it will also look great on your CV)


Download the Brochure and share it with a colleague. Its sometimes useful to attend with a couple of colleagues so that you can help each implement.

What if I do nothing?

  • You might continue to miss your performance targets.
  • Your staff will be frustrated and demotivated and not achieve results.
  • You could be overlooked for a promotion as managers who cant master KPIs look clumsy and out of their depth.

Rather be proactive and

  • You will not only have the right KPIs but you will also measure them better than ever before.
  • The KPIs you select will be more measurable and more meaningful to your staff and they will respond with increased levels of enthusiasm and motivation.
  • You will be amazed at how easy it is to achieve your performance targets by simply having the right KPIs. Remember, what gets measured gets done.

Transform your team from being mediocre and reactive to being proactive and successful.

Course Logistics

Venue: The KPI course is a practical  workshop, typically delivered in Johannesburg. Courses can be arranged in Durban and Cape Town on request.

Cost: The cost of the course of R4,790 per delegate.

Dates: The course is run on the 3rd Thursday every month. The registration form has the latest confirmed dates.