Business-Driven Data Analytics Solution for Informed Decision Making

Far too many companies rely on outdated tools for business data analytics and reporting. By keeping data in centralised silos, it means that more time is needed for analysis. The data should be available on all levels of business decision making to allow for quick and accurate analysis and reporting.

Often, organisations attempt to improve the analysis of the data that they already have, but their existing reports are sometimes cumbersome, difficult to read, not distributed in a timely manner, flawed with integrity issues, and inflexible when it comes to answering the next business question.

We have clients who experienced an excellent return on their investment within the first month of deploying our dashboard solution, as they were able to spot opportunities that were previously not visible to them and had been missed for years.

Our business-driven analytics dashboard solution:

  • Delivers business information quickly and accurately.
  • Helps management to identify bottlenecks in the business.
  • Helps to identify inefficiencies and waste.
  • Improves understanding of customer service, delivery and quality.
  • Provides a cost-effective means for compiling and distributing information efficiently, so that people don’t waste time on compiling reports all day.
  • Turns the information into easy-to-understand visualisation, which improves the understanding and increases the likelihood of follow-up and action.
Gartner, an independent international analyst, specialising in rating analytical solutions, has rated us within the top 3 in our field and in many others, overall # 1 in Customer and Product satisfaction.

We provide executives and users with powerful self-service data analytics that help them drive profitability in all areas of the business, by using multiple data sources – often simultaneously. Our solutions offer:

  • High-quality visualisations to simplify analysis.
  • 24/7 access with mobile and web devices.
  • Automated reconciliations at month-end.
  • Proactive and continuous error checking.
  • Integrated data from multiple sources.
  • Minimal reliance on their IT department, as we enable business users to confidently meet their own local requirements, which is far better than waiting for IT or a consultant to do it.

We provide self-service analytics in all areas of the business, including Finance, Sales & Marketing, the Supply Chain, Human Resources, Customer Service, Risk, Project Management and Operations

We make use of fit-for-purpose technologies. Where possible, we use existing, free or open-source technology, but if the value to be gained is high, we use more sophisticated tools to unlock the value. We first assess and then decide what to use.

Maximise on the potential of available data for quick and accurate decision making on all levels of your company. Use our business-driven data analytics solution to give your company a competitive edge.