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SBP015: Corporate Data Literacy

SBP015 – Jordon Morrow Data Literacy

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SBP014: How to move from Accountant to CFO to CEO

SBP014 – Grant Page

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SBP013: Performance and Capability Compared Part II

SBP13 Steve Rogers

In our current Economy, almost Everything is measurable. Key Performance Indicators and Key Capability Indicators play a huge role in this in the Business Performance space. In this podcast, Steve discusses Capability measurements in correlation with Performance measurements (KPIs vs KCIs) and the 4 quadrants that a person could find themselves in.

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SBP012: Key Capability Indicators Part I

SBP12 Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers has developed – in correlation with KPI – Key Capability IndicatorsTM  as a term to measure how capable someone or something is at a specific point. These KCIs differ from KPI’s in the way that Performance looks at the past and Capabilities looks at the potential for the future. In this podcast, Steve […]

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SBP011: The Fundamentals of KPIs & Driving Performance

The Fundamentals of KPIs and Performance ad

Cristina is the Head of Research at The KPI Institute – an Australian company operating at  international level through its regional offices in Europe (Romania), Middle East (Dubai) and South East ASIS (Malaysia). In this podcast, she discusses the details of what a Smart KPI is and what it should do. She also touches on […]

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SBP010: 9 Skills Required in the Changing Role of the CFO

SBP010 – Brett Tromp Ad

Brett Tromp is the current Chief of Financial Officer (CFO) of Discovery Health. He is very passionate about what he does and has a great belief in the values of health at Discovery. Brett has had many years’ experience and won the Young CFO of the year award in 2015. In this podcast, Brett discusses […]

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SBP009: How to Collect Cash Faster

Chris De Zeeu How to collect your cash faster

Learn How to Collect Cash Faster with Chris de Zeeuw Every company must send out invoices and collect cash. As a result, Chris de Zeeuw’s company, Capisol, manages just that. They focus on client document management and automation. In other words, they focus on how to collect cash faster. Chris has many years’ experience in […]

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SBP008: How to Make Your ERP Implementation a Success

00 Podcast Ad Creation Powerpoint Slides

Tips on How To Make your ERP Implementation a Success Ian has had many years’ experience in leadership from HR to Production Management and finally General Management to Production Directing to – most recently, Project Leadership on a Large-scale ERP Implementation projects. He has also had experience in Supply Chain and Business Systems Directing. From […]

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SBP007: Speed Up Business Processes like Emergency Services


How To Speed Up Business Processes with Tips from the Emergency Services: Andrew Boden is the related Business Executive of Mediclinic Southern Africa. He founded ER24 in 2000. They have approximately 2000 staff and 350 emergency vehicles around the country. ER24 is now one of the biggest emergency call centres in the Southern Hemisphere. In this […]

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SBP006: How to Reset your Sales Force to Deliver This Year


How To Reset Your Sales-force to Deliver This Year: Steve Rogers discusses ways in which to effectively measure and manage your Sales Force. He describes the importance of sales within the company and the extent to which Sales can be rearranged. In this podcast, learn how to reset your sales force with steps such as […]

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SBP005: How to Identify People’s EQs to Bring out their Best

SBP005 Karen Clarke

How to identify People’s EQs to Bring out their Best: In this episode, Karen Clarke unpacks a simple system of understanding people. This is often easy to read just in their behavior and measures EQ. There are four groups of people and each will have strengths and weaknesses depending on their levels of stress. It’s […]

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SBP004: Business Performance Without Being the Angry Boss

SBP004 Wayne Hartmann

How To Drive Business Performance Without being the Angry Boss Wayne discusses the many reasons why ‘angry bosses’ are the way that they are. He tackles ways of reducing the frequency and level of anger while still driving Business Performance. Being an angry boss comes from insecurity as well as pride in performance. There may […]

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SBP003: Remunerate to Drive Performance

SBP003 Bryan Love

How to Remunerate to Drive Performance: Learning how to Drive Performance in business can be tough. Thankfully, we have Bryan Love – a remuneration consultant to various international organisations in addition to private equity investors. For him, structuring remuneration to drive performance is critical. It can be difficult in business structure the work effort and […]

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SBP002: Data Based Decision Making

SBP002 Dave Betts

Data Based Decision Making: Learn how to improve your decision making based on internal data. The company, Energy Drive, has delivered exceptional financial results for their clients and themselves. Listen to our interview with their founder, Dave Betts. In this podcast, Dave describes an operational solution that delivers quantifiable ROI every single time. Listen to […]

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SBP001: 5 Levers to Improve Business Performance

SBP002 Dave Betts

Improve Business Performance: Roger Knocker unpacks successes that he has experienced over 20 years of helping companies through KPI’s processes. In addition, he digs deeply into insights and success stories of customers and experts. He aims to help his audience implement these strategies into their operations. He also wishes to share his experience in How to […]

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SBP000 Smart Business Performance Podcast: Start here for an Overview

Smart Business Performance Podcast Ad

Overview: For leaders looking to improve their business performance and unlock profit. Roger interviews business leaders and unpacks the successes they have achieved using the 5Ps: Purpose/Planning Performance People Processes & systems Projects It goes beyond the business results and reveals some of the secrets that led to their success. The podcast is filled with insights […]

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