What we do

KPI Management Solutions helps organisations to implement their BUSINESS STRATEGY and track the PROFITABILITY impact through to the Income Statement.

We have vast experience in finance, strategy, process improvement and planning & performance technology.

We believe that “What gets measured gets done!” We, therefore, approach any business problem through the lens of identifying and delivering the best possible KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIs) that move the business forward.


We engage with our clients through consulting, training, project management and facilitated workshops. We only consider our engagements completed once have empowered your staff with the knowledge and tools they need to drive performance to the next level.

We are different in that our consulting model is very lean. We don’t bring an army of consultants. Instead, we bring in a senior consultant with a project administrator who facilitates the process with your staff. We teach you to use high-end business analysis techniques (that the big consulting firms use) which ensures buy-in and sustainability once we leave.


KPI has a great track-record of delivering quantifiable bottom-line results.


Our Services

In pursuit of helping our clients to improve their PERFORMANCE and PROFITABILITY, we have services listed below organised in 7Ps.

Each service can be contracted individually or combined to provide an integrated solution that is customised to your needs.


  • Facilitate Strategic Workshops to structure the business strategy and prepare it for implementation
  • Brainstorm new ideas to improve the business
  • Set-up strategic programs with prioritised initiatives & resources
  • Train Management in “The Science of Strategy Execution”
  • Help choose Key Performance Indicators that really matter
  • Assist with ensuring that KPI Targets are calibrated scientifically


  • Provide Profitability Modelling capability using high-end algorithms to determine which customers, products, services, and resources are profitable, and which are destroying value
  • Implement our top 5 profitability strategies to improve profitability at every level
  • Provide scenario analysis methods to help right-size the business and optimise profitability


  • Set-up Scorecards for better tracking of strategic performance at a business or team level
  • Set-up Dashboards for improved operational tracking and insights

(We are technology agnostic)


    • Improve Budgeting and Forecasting using more reliable and automated methods, than purely relying on spreadsheets
    • Design and implement integrated operational planning processes/technology across key functions with the view to improving the speed and accuracy of the business forecasts
    • Implement “Personnel Planning Models” to quantify future employee costs and capacity  

Projects and Programs

  • Provide project and program management
  • Set-up the strategy office to co-ordinate the execution of the business strategy
  • Provide an Executive-level resource to run the strategy office on a part-time basis until we can fill the position with the right candidate
  • Thereafter we empower them to be self-sufficient
  • We provide project tracking technology as part of our service


  • Optimise Business Processes. This includes:
    • Removing waste and duplication and ensure financial efficiencies
    • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
    • Defining the standards and process outcomes
    • Improving the quality of process outputs
    • Optimising the service delivery and customer experience
  • We improve processes through
    • Accredited training (Can be claimed for SDL and BEE)
    • Facilitated workshops
    • On the job coaching if required
    • Our own unique platform that performs continuous monitoring to measure process adherence and detect the human error


  • Process and Performance Training to all levels of staff to help them improve their performance by understanding the right value drivers. Our training is online, classroom or blended and accredited. (Can be claimed for SDL and BEE)
  • Design Personal Scorecards. (We ensure the KPIs are suitable and ultimately drive performance and profitability of the overall business)
  • We provide suitable technology to track KPIs and action plans
  • Provide “Capability Scorecards” to quantify and track capability at an individual level
  • Independent Audits on Performance Management Systems to quantify benefits achieved as well as find areas for your technology partners to improve