Budget Planning Software – Automate and Reduce Corporate Budget Errors

We offer your firm the ability to budget 80% faster through the use of sophisticated budget planning software that helps to streamline executive management functions such as planning, budgeting and forecasting.

With Prophix budget planning software available from KPI Management Solutions, your firm will benefit from features such as What-if Scenarios, Capex planning complete with Return on Investment (ROI) tracking, integrated workforce planning, and driver-based budgeting with collaboration features.

Our solutions help you to create highly accurate budget plans that are flexible enough to change according to numerous variants. Benefit from optimal transparency, freeing up of resources and the addition of commentaries.

About Prophix

Prophix is a leading corporate performance management software solution that allows for complete business budgeting, planning, modelling, analytics and reporting.  With the driver base budget solution you can budget based on the core drivers of your business. Instead of using the conventional budgeting method based solely on financial targets, use the drive based method to cater for the execution needed to meet the targets. This system enables you to focus on the key performance areas of the company and allows for minimisation of pressure on resources during the crucial period of budgeting.

With the well-planned and implemented budgeting solution, input and aggregated data will be available throughout the budgeting process. This allows for a high level of accuracy and transparency throughout while commentary and supporting information can be added for full explanation of assumptions made regarding the figures in the budget. With such, review time will be significantly reduced. Scenario planning makes faster decision making possible because the key factors are known.

Using Prophix as the budgeting planning software we help client corporations to minimise the time spent on budgeting and planning whilst ensuring improved transparency and accuracy of budgets.

Benefits of Automation

We are value resellers of the Prophix budget planning software in South Africa and implement solutions to help client companies maximise the superior budget and planning features of the software. The software solution helps to reduce time consuming processes regarding operational planning, reporting and financial data consolidation.

To ensure that the mentioned processes function optimally, companies need to manage aspects such as data loading, cost drive updates and report distribution. With each of these there is the risk of human error and any mistakes at any given time of the budgeting process can lead to time wastage in error correction and reviews, costly mistakes and loss of budget integrity. Your firm may miss opportunities in aligning the corporate and operational goals and functions. With correct implementation of the Prophix software automation helps to shorten the time it takes to do the budgeting, review, and forecasts. Many of the manual compliance processes can be automated which will give you the benefit of being able to respond quickly to any changes in regulations.

Prophix helps to automate data imports, currency conversions and other business processes where human error can be expected during manual handling of such. The quality of service can be improved and the compliance standards met while your firm will not miss important steps in the month-end closing procedures or waste time in figuring out where the mistakes originated. Through the automation solution reports can be distributed securely and quickly and automated task groups can be saved for usage in future which will help to save time. The platform makes it possible to gain maximum and ongoing insight regarding critical processes and their current statuses.

The software includes a workflow manager to help involve key users during the budgeting and forecasting process. With maximum collaboration possible, employees gain accountability for their input. Complex data integration is facilitated which will help to provide ongoing and immediate access to data in the source systems, which facilitates accurate data usage for all the users during the budgeting process.

Why KPI Management Solutions?

We help clients to gain the most from the advanced budget planning software including the features such as budgeting, forecasting, reporting, workforce planning, profitability management, financial consolidation and 3-5 year strategic planning. Our expertise in Key Performance Indicators, extensive resources, experience and usage of innovative technologies to help client companies perform at their best are other reasons to make use of our value added services.

In summary – reduce wastage, improve performance, gain maximum transparency and improve budget collaboration efforts by letting us help you make the most of the Prophix budget planning software.