Driver-based Budgeting System for Optimisation of Business Effectiveness and Financial Planning 

KPI Management Solutions help corporate entities to budget effectively. Our budgeting solutions have been designed to speed up the planning cycle and therefore save on time and resources. In addition, the solutions ensure more accurate and detailed planning than which is possible with the conventional form of planning.

We offer clients the ability to do the above with the use of Prophix Software, which has been noted as one of the top corporate planning and performance management tools which also includes various modelling, what-if, analytics and reporting features. Our aim is to help your firm optimise budgeting for the best possible structuring to ensure business efficiency and growth.

Our system is exceptionally easy to use, provides 100% transparency, gives you the benefit of effective scenario planning and focuses on driver-based budgeting principles. 

What makes the driver-based budget so effective? 

The budget is developed according to the drivers of your business instead of simply using the financial targets your business must reach. The shortcoming of the traditional budgeting system is in the lack of consideration for actions needed to achieve financial targets. With the driver-based budget system core business activities needed to achieve the targets are considered.

Another shortcoming of the traditional budgeting system is the complex structure requiring more time and resources to develop and use the system. Our budgeting system is highly effective and developed specifically to minimise the burden on resources during the budgeting process.  We furthermore focus on information transparency to ensure that aggregated data can be accessed quickly during the budgeting process.

We have taken the need to provide explanation and supporting documentation for the budget into consideration and have thus made it possible for you to add relevant comments, explanations and supportive documents in the budget.

An essential part of projections is that of scenario planning. Without various scenario considerations, the business is left vulnerable to variables. Using the driver-based budgeting system you will be able to effectively plan for various scenarios and thus reduce the risk of over or under budgeting. 

Prophix Software 

We are a reseller of the Prophix software suite and because of its exceptional functionality in streamlining the budgeting process, we are able to help you plan better, spend less time on budgeting, and take the executions required to meet financial targets into consideration.

Prophix requires little to almost no IT support and because of the automation of repetitive and time consuming tasks and processes; it saves your company time.  Data imports, currency conversions and consolidations are among the processes that are automated. The system is standard and regulatory policy compliant, helping you to ensure optimal compliance and because of the automation process, you won’t have to be concerned about critical updates and processes that must be done at month end.

The software furthermore makes it possible to distribute relevant reports at the required time and within the security parameters. Any automated task groups can be saved to minimise future effort and ease the process of sharing information with various departments.

Effective performance management is facilitated through automation which allows for improved budgeting, scenario planning and forecasting. With the system you can quickly respond to regulation changes and any changes in the market.

The Prophix performance management software suite can be applied for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, profitability management and workforce planning in addition to strategic planning, and financial consolidation.

Why Choose KPI Management Solutions?

We help firms to select, define and automate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at all the relevant levels of the organisation, including the strategic business unit, departmental and individual levels. As part of our complete solutions we offer budgeting and planning assistance using the Prophix software suite. Our service includes the creation of dashboards for analysis and management of business processes and decision making using consolidated data as required.

Because the financial consolidation process is automated, your firm benefits from improved and on-time distribution of monthly management reports.

Our team of experts helps client companies to optimise their business operations by identifying and correcting problem areas and quantifying the value. We assess processes and fix such where needed or redesign the processes to ensure optimal business functioning and the reaching of financial targets. Part of this solution entails the training of personnel and tracking of benefits.

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