Accurate Business Forecasting Software and Solutions for South African Enterprises

KPI Management Solutions provides your organisation with a range of products and solutions to help with budgeting, planning and business forecasting. One of the tools available is that of Prophix Software suite which helps to simplify the process of corporate planning and forecasting. The software is reputed for being one of the top corporate performance management and business planning tools available in South Africa. The right usage of the software helps to speed up the planning cycle with as much as 80 percent while accuracy of planning is also improved.

The complete performance management software suite is suitable for applications ranging from workforce planning and profitability management to budgeting, forecasting, 3-5 year planning, financial consolidation, and reporting.

Prophix simplifies the above complex tasks and helps to reduce the time taken to complete the various business management functions. With forecasting automation and user driven estimates integrated, the solution provides you with all the tools you need for optimal business forecasting throughout your entire organisation.

Rolling Business Forecasts and Benefits 

The rolling forecasts hold several benefits such as the ability to do full financial cycle business forecasting, conduct one-step forecast changes and handle routine, as well as scheduled forecasts in addition to leveraging departmental assumptions.

What-if scenarios are possible to help determine forecasts using a variety of variables. The rolling forecasts are done for periods of 18 months. This helps you to plan and forecast across the financial year-end spectrum and thus eliminate the risk of not having prepared for changing variables in the first quarter of the next financial period. This type of forecast gives you an accurate estimate of where the organisation is going and whether adjustments must be made to ensure a positive outlook.

Armed with the crucial information you are able to make the most of business opportunities and to make the necessary adjustments in management strategy if the forecast shows a negative outlook. In effect, this will help your organisation to optimise cash-flow and increase profitability.

Forecasting is thus simplified through features such as budget and monthly actual figures at month-end storage. Through the usage of the actual figures, various business drivers and the departmental budgets, it is possible to quickly and efficiently create new forecast alternatives, which can be used in support of executive strategic decision making efforts.

3-5 Year Planning Tools for Best Results

The Prophix Software suite allows for the creation of a holistic performance management system which facilitates 3-5 year planning efforts. This is exceptionally beneficial to your management strategy since your organisation requires a strategy for long-term planning and must be able to cascade this strategy throughout the enterprise. By cascading the strategy through all levels of the organisation you empower the middle management and lower management staff to focus their departmental efforts in support of the overall organisational strategies.

With the balanced scorecard system your strategy is well-documented at the executive level and this is translated to workable KPIs, targets, objectives, accountability, and initiatives. All employees in the organisation are reached because the process is continuously repeated to ensure that every level is reached. The strategy is kept on track with the Prophix Software suite’s 3-5 year planning tool allowing for the setting of important targets for every level of the organisation including the overall, divisional, functional, departmental, as well as team, project and individual levels.

With the software it is possible to ensure optimal reconciliation of the numbers immediately when any changes are made to the plans, budgets and targets. Updates are made throughout the levels, giving every employee insight regarding the targets. With the variances in forecasting, budgets, and plans it is possible to make the necessary changes to steer the organisation in the desired direction. Immediate corrective action is thus possible, minimising the risk of being blindsided by variables in the business operating environment.

Why KPI Management Solutions?

KPI Management Solutions not only provides the Prophix Software solution, but assists in the implementation of budget solutions that are driver-based, easy to use, and transparent. We offer a full range of products to help you maximise profits, ease planning and ensure accurate business forecasting. Contact us today for more information on the Prophix Software solution and our full range of products and services.