Sales Measurement with QlikView in South Africa

KPI Management Solutions is a trusted and leading value-added reseller of QlikView in South Africa. Our clients benefit from the usage of well over fifty different QlikView models, which we’ve developed over a period of six years.

Our expertise in the development and deployment of QlikView dashboards and models is well-appreciated across all industries in South Africa. We’re experts in harnessing the power of QlikView and can help you gain the most benefit from the sales dashboard, briefly introduced below. 

More about the QlikView Dashboards 

QlikView makes it possible to use data from various sources through a central application, which speeds up the process of data retrieval and helps to optimise resources for business decision making. With the solution your departments and various teams can collaborate and make decisions together in real time using a standard web interface, which facilitates mobile and remote access usage. The user-friendliness and intuitive characteristics of the system make it possible to effectively use the system with very little training.

QlikTech is the company behind this amazing business solution. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and with usage of their QlikView solution in over 100 countries, we’re proud to be a leading reseller of their products in South Africa.

Usage of the system makes it possible for organisations to improve their cash flow with over 22%, employee productivity with over 33%, and revenue with over 15% while reducing operational costs with over 19%. The product is exceptionally popular proven by its user base of over 70 000 people. The solution enables faster decision making, optimal collaboration and quick implementation of strategies. 

Sales Dashboard

The QlikView Sales Dashboard provides you with transparency and management capacity for the entire sales process including the processes of quotation, sales service and delivery of products to your customers. With this dashboard, information from the Sales Module is used and we help you to identify and use the correct KPI’s and measurement metrics to optimise sales profitability. This includes the sales analysis tool which forms the starting point for accurate and relevant comparisons.

With our dashboards you’ll be able to compare from actual sales to budget, last month, same period the previous year, and month to date, as well as year to date. You will also be able to compare the actual sales to the forecasts, gain the benefit of representative versus representative sales comparisons, trend information for months and years and do comparisons of products, regions and customer sales.

We furthermore provide you with the Sales Delivery control and monitoring option, allowing for measurement of actual delivery against the customer expectation. The tracking includes requested, confirmed and actual delivery dates. Add to this the ability to measure quality by tracking the credit notes including the value and percentage of the notes and you’ll get an accurate view of the quality of the sales service delivery.

Lead time is another important indicator. It doesn’t help if sales are made and quality of service can be guaranteed, but the lead time is lagging. Many customers don’t understand lead time and often demand products immediately. With the sales dashboard you can track order lead time to help you identify weak points and address such to gain a competitive advantage. Complementary to such is the ability to track revenue growth since sales growth is certainly one of the best ways to improve the net profit profile.

When your customer growth has reached a point where you need to find new ones to increase revenue you’ll appreciate the ability to track metrics that will help you identify areas in which you can grow your sales base including sales growth per region, product and or service, representative and market.

Customer retention is important to ensure ongoing growth and any customers lost should be worrisome since you lose revenue and must thus work so much harder at maintaining your sales growth rate. Inactive products or services are also of concern. With our sales dashboard you can quickly identify and monitor customer or product inactivity with measurements of sale versus forecasted or prior period sales, the estimated value of inactive items and actual inactive items of the last six months.

The Sales Dashboard is, but one way we can help you maximise profits and gain optimal insight into business activities. Contact us for more information on our value-added QlikView products in South Africa and find out just how our solutions can help you can gain and increase your competitive edge.