Business Process Management

Our solution ensures that processes become visible and actionable across all functional silos.

We ensure that we map according to what delivers value to the customer (quality, efficiency, cost, predictability etc) and align the processes to the strategic direction of the business.

We offer 3 levels of Process Management:

  • Process Summaries
  • Flowcharts and Swim-lanes
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Process Summary

We highly recommend starting with unique Process Summary Approach which gives you 80% of the value in 20% of the time it would usually takes using traditional process mapping.

A process summary simplifies the business process and provides the following information:

  • The process summarised in 5 Steps
  • Internal Roles involved in the process including Customers & suppliers
  • Process Inputs and prerequisites
  • Process Outputs
  • Process Metrics (dealing with Quality, Lead Times, Efficiency and Control Compliance)

Benefits include:

  • Process Owner buy-in
  • Easy for execs to understand and engage the business with
  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined
  • Job descriptions for each role
  • Organisational measurement clearly defined
  • Personal KPIs defined for performance management

Process Mapping Tools

We have a number of tools to choose from including free tools as well as tools that offer premium value and therefore have a license cost implication.