Cross Selling Dashboard

Selling new products or services to an existing customer is much easier and far more cost effective!

We have mastered the art of building a cross selling solution using QlikView to find the opportunities, generate the cross-selling leads and monitor the results of the cross selling campaign or initiative.

Step 1: Source the Data Sets

Cross Selling Step 1 Source Data Sets

Firstly, we identify the data sources where we anticipate cross selling opportunities to exist. Often the two data sets are not already consolidated anywhere in the organisation. It is therefore imperative to be able to consolidate these sources in a short space of time otherwise the exercise stands the risk of becoming a monster.

Step 2: Define the current Cross Selling Ratio

Cross Selling Step 2 Define the current Cross Selling Ratio

We quickly establish what the current cross selling ratio is. This provides a baseline and also quantifies the possible opportunity.

Step 3: Find the Attributes Contributing to the Success

Cross Selling Step 3 Find the Attributes Contributing to the Success

Through a set of advanced algorithms and applied statistical formulas that our data scientists have developed, we quickly narrow down the factors that contribute significantly to the current cross selling success.

Step 4: Target a Subset of Product B Customers matching the Criteria

Cross Selling Step 4 Target a Subset of Product B Customers matching Criteria

The solution pinpoints the customers that have a high propensity to buy Product B.

Step 5: Design a Campaign & Generate Data

Cross Selling Step 5 Design a Campaign & Generate Data

We use QlikView’s what-if capability to find the expected Strike rates and expected ROI for the campaign.

Once we have the right scenario, we involve the sales and marketing team to provide the right messaging for each group of customers and the dashboard generates the data which is loaded into a CRM system to manage the campaign.

Step 6: Implement the Campaign & Measure Results

Cross Selling Step 6 Implement Campaign & Measure

Once the campaign is in full flight we use QlikView dashboards to continuously monitor the success of the campaign. If necessary we make adjustments quickly and repeat the process.

Business Benefits and ROI

  • Generate internal Leads
  • Create Specials
  • Increase hit rate of campaigns
  • Reduce selling costs
  • Grow Revenue
  • Grow Group Revenue
  • Improve Customer profitability

Next Steps

Although we have simplified the process it still requires exceptional data science and QlikView skills to execute. We suggest getting in contact with us to assess whether or not our solution will work in your environment.

There are no obligations.