QlikView Software Solutions – What a Sales Dashboard Should Include

What a Sales Dashboard Should Include if You Want to Measure Business Performance

Business is only as successful as its income and management of resources. Business performance is thus related to the above. Making use of software solutions to track sales, cross selling and performance is a good start to ensure that you keep close tabs on the business performance. However, knowing how to set up relevant dashboard models is essential if you want to get the most from the software solution.

As a valued reseller of QlikView software solutions in South Africa, we have extensive experience in creating relevant and client-specific dashboard models which help clients get the most benefit from using the available QlikView software solutions. Below, we take a look at some aspects of the QlikView software solution and how we can make the sales dashboard work for you.

As long as sales are good, your company can grow. It is thus essential to monitor your sales closely, if you want to measure business performance. One of the useful dashboards forming part of the QlikView software solutions is that of the sales dashboard. With such a dashboard in place, you can check every step of the sales process, whether it is the quotations given or the products delivered. We provide you with relevant key performance indicators to measure profitability and efficiency in sales.

To perform accurate and relevant sales analyses you need the right KPIs, and you must be able to do comparisons. The dashboard models we create in QlikView enable you to compare, for instance, actual sales to your budget, to the last month, and to the same period of the previous financial year, as well as compare actual sales to your forecast. You can compare trend information, such as sales for the past few years or months. You can even compare the sales of one representative with that of another sales representative.

Comparisons can be made for sales of one product compared with another product, one region with another region, or even one customer with another customer.

You are able to measure whether customers are being serviced correctly using the right KPIs on the QlikView software solution dashboard. With such, you are able to identify whether or not the customer orders are delivered on time and in full. Processes can be tracked, such as request, confirmation, and delivery dates.

Of course, consistency in quality is essential. Customers have certain quality expectations, and you need to deliver within those boundaries. We enable you to measure quality using QlikView software with one of the dashboard solutions in an easy and effective way by tracking credit notes. The number of creditor notes will be indicative of the total number of times a customer complained about quality. The value of credit notes will give you an indication of the scale of the quality problem. The ratio of the credit notes to sale will enable you to improve the KPIs with consideration of sales volume changes and seasonality factors.

More often than not, time is an essential element when it comes to sales. It is sometimes possible to get a sale simply because you can deliver the required quality expected within the timeframe specified. Ask someone when they want a product and the person most probably wanted it yesterday. Time is of the essence. This is why it is important to track order lead time, which is possible with the dashboards we help you create with the QlikView software solution. By tracking the order lead time, you can use the information to improve on performance, to ensure that you beat your competitors.

Sales growth is another important aspect of successful business. If you want to give your net profit a boost, focus on growing the revenue. Finding new customers is more challenging and less profitable than focussing on existing customers. However, in order to grow revenue beyond the saturation point, you will need to find new customers as well. With the comparisons that are possible with QlikView, you can track revenue growth with metrics such as sales growth per representative, product, service, market or region.

Keeping in mind that lost customers and slow or non-moving products or services have a severe negative effect on revenue growth, it is essential to identify items which are not selling fast, which are not promoted by the sales team, or which are nearing the end of their sales life. With the dashboard we help you create, you can quickly identify customer or product inactivity. The metrics include sales versus forecasted sales, sales versus prior period sales, number of inactive items for the last six months, and estimated value of inactive items for the last six months.

Take the guesswork out of performance measurement when it comes to sales. Get the QlikView software solution to help you with analysis, and benefit from our expertise in creating sales dashboards for the optimal measurement of the right KPIs.