Rolling Forecasts

Forecasting in our solution allows you to learn from the past and make forecasting and re-forecasting a regular part of the planning routine. Through inherent forecasting automation and user driven forecasting assumptions our solution can help effectively manage the forecasting process across the enterprise.

Benefits of a Rolling Forecasts:

  • Routine and scheduled re-forecasts
  • One step forecast adjustments
  • User-defined driver-based forecasting
  • Continuous rolling and what-if scenarios
  • Leverage department assumptions
  • Full financial cycle forecasting

Rolling forecasts are normally performed for the next 18 months and cross over the financial year so that management does not limit to planning only up to the year-end. Businesses that limit their forecast to year-end often experience nasty surprises in the first quarter.

A rolling forecast will tell management where the business is heading which could be better or worse than the budget. If management have this information at their fingertips they are able to take advantage of opportunities or to shed capacity if the forecast is bleak. In either way the business maximises its profitability and cash flow.

Prophix Software Automates the Rolling Forecast

Prophix software  makes forecasting a very simple process. The system stores both the budget and the monthly actual figures after each month end. Using a combination of the actuals, budgets and business drivers, new forecast versions can easily be created to allow executives to make the necessary strategic decisions.