Workforce Planning

Understanding your workforce future cost and capacity is fundamental to predicting future performance & profitability.

As an HR executive, you can join the strategic business conversation with a forward looking view of resource expenses and the related capacity requirements. This will elevate you from being administrative to a strategic and trusted business partner.

Other than cost of sales, employee and employee related expenses are normally the biggest item on the income statement.

Most organisations can accurately account for the historical spend of employee related expenses but very few organisations have a future view of what employee expenses will be.

Employee costs make up a substantial portion of the costs in any business. In many services business, this can be as much as 65% of the overall cost structure. The payroll provides a detailed analysis of the history but few businesses have a forward looking view of what costs will be incurred as a results of people in the business.

Having a future detailed view of employee costs empowers decisions makers to decide:

  • What expenses they need to incur
  • What expenses they can avoid incurring
  • Whether or not the organisation has the right mix of capacity to meet the demand of the business.

Prophix Workforce Planning Solution

With our workforce planning, a business can see the employee costs and other related people costs such as:


Prophix’ s workforce planning software easily handles the many variables involved in payroll calculations, providing the control, accuracy, and flexibility required for analysis of personnel data.

Integrate personnel data with the company’s main financial data to gain even more strategic insight into overall productivity and the effects of the organisations capability.

Using headcount as a basis, you can also figure out many other costs that are indirectly related to headcount. Here are some examples of all the costs that could be related.

Our workforce planning model not only provides a future view of the above costs, but also gives a future view of:

  • Resource Capacity
  • A training and development plan per resource
  • Affirmative Action plan by department
  • Changes in salary structures
  • Effect of expected Union negotiations
  • Effect of allocations shared employee costs