Financial Services

This is for companies that provide financial services using disparate systems, but would like to empower their users with self-service data analytics to manage their performance, know their customers, and ensure that controls are working across all processes.

Single-View Integrated Dashboards for Financial Services

In the financial services industry, there a many data-intensive processes that cross multiple systems. Each system produces reports and these reports are often taken and recaptured into spreadsheets to provide meaningful business KPIs across the multiple processes and systems. At the same time, large financial organisations also manage different products from different divisions within the organisation that hardly talk to each other and to add to the problem, different data standards are used. This makes it almost impossible to get a single view.

The bottom line is that a single and consistent view of customers is often impossible and the customer suffers as the result.

How the Problem Can Be Solved

We can provide businesses with a single view of the KPIs across the business, as well as provide a single view of the customer. We can also provide dashboards to help manage compliance and automate many of the statutory reporting requirements. This is all done with our rapid integration techniques, and highly visual and interactive self-service dashboards.

We managed to create a single view of the customer for one of the largest banks in Africa across ± 25 data sources and millions of customers. The process was attempted many times, but we were the first to get it right. The group has since established many initiatives off the back of this information, as the solution allows for the group to discover new sales opportunities.

What We Offer

Because our solutions are unique per customer, we have put together a number of case studies that will give you an indication of the types of solutions that we can create and the business value that can be derived from them.

View the following case studies:

Contact us to discuss your particular requirements, in order to benefit from a single-view of your organisation’s customers, processes, sales and more with our unique dashboard solutions specifically designed for financial service providers.

Find out more

We have worked with many different clients to develop customised and self-service analytical dashboards. Here are some other examples of dashboards that we have developed:

  • Branch Revenue Analysis
  • Group Budget Consolidation and Analysis
  • Market & Credit Risk (BASEL II)
  • Market Share
  • Fraud Model
  • Loan Origination
  • Insurance Claims
  • Call Centre Analysis
  • Claims Workflow
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Loan Pricing Model
  • Group Process Control Analysis
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Single View of Customer
  • Cross Selling and Up-selling Diagnostic
  • Campaign Generation and Analysis
  • Regulatory Capital Management (Investment & Personal Banking)
  • Economic Capital Management (Investment & Personal Banking)
  • Client Revenue Tracking (CRT)
  • Customer Retention Analysis
  • Continuous Audit / Continuous Business Monitoring (incl. Data Quality)
  • Loan Collections
  • Financial Instrument Analysis
  • Finance for IT
  • Tax Analysis