Asset Management


The company is in asset management. Their clients buy into various portfolios which are made up of various public traded equities and bonds. The valuation of the stocks and equities is managed, calculated and stored in an asset management system.

The system can produce reports giving the valuation of each asset and portfolio as well as the transactions at a deal level.The problem the business had was to analyse the data on a periodic basis to quickly and accurately understand what was driving the changes in the valuations from one date to another.

The Solution

We built a QlikView dashboard that measured the value of assets by client, asset and portfolio. The solution also has every transaction with the volume, value and transaction costs including fees and commissions and trade level.

A key feature of the dashboard is a waterfall chart that clearly summarises the movement of the assets, portfolios and clients between any two dates. Any movement, whether it be favourable or unfavourable, can be analysed down to the transaction level with just a couple of clicks.

The Benefits

  • Meaningful analysis can be done within seconds rather than hours.
  • The business can manage their portfolios more easily and have the information at the finger tips for better decisions.
  • No more exporting reports or transactions to excel with v-lookups to understand the numbers.
  • Asset managers can focus on the causes of movements and spend more time on finding solutions or advising clients.
  • The analysis is fully automated and basic analytical errors have been eliminated.