Forecasting Automation

The Problem

Forecasting cycles in a global bank:

  • took 3 business resources working 3 weeks day and nights,
  • based in Excel,
  • were not reusable
  • were open to human error.

This was not a sustainable long term solution and the client was looking for improved automation

The Solution

We automated the Personal & Business Banking Forecasting process in QlikView using as much source system data and drivers as drivers as possible as well as data capture Excel templates.


  • Less man hours spent on the forecasting process allowing employees to be more effective
  • More accurate output due to increased automation and fewer manual interventions
  • More detail available on numbers produced thereby providing business with increased granularity for analysis purposes
  • Reprocessing or updating the Forecast numbers went from a full day exercise to a 25 minute reload in QlikView
  • Allows for immediate analytical and fixed reporting directly out of the app