Legal Collection Agents


The client is an outsourced collections’ department to recover loans which have gone legal due to non-payment – on behalf of various banks.

The client has a collections system which manages the collections process, is integrated to the telephone system and all calls are linked to specific accounts.

The system has standard reports which have all the data but the business was not able to get a birds-eye view of the number of calls, the cost of calls, the collections and the outstanding amounts.

The reports were run on an ad-hoc basis and excel was used to created summarized data. The process was long and tedious, the accountant didn’t always get round to running the reports timorously and there were inconsistencies and errors in the reports.


We built a QlikView dashboard with:

  • Outstanding balances per debtor
  • Collection costs by cost type
  • Number of calls
  • Payments received
  • Promised to pay dates
  • Reasons for promised to pay being missed

The solution has different tabs and easily enables to track which agent is achieving their call targets. It also measures the effectiveness of the calls when they translate into payment. Monthly targets have been set up for each agent and actual progress is reported against those targets on a daily basis.


The model is run multiple times a day and management can direct the agents’ efforts more easily. Management have the data on hand to understand the progress towards their monthly targets on a daily basis.