Net Interest Margin

Net Interest Margin (NIM) is a profitability measure. Our objective was to obtain an understanding of changes in NIM as well as it’s drivers, in Africa, in relation to balance sheet movement. This can then support business decisions on pricing and sales within a global bank based in South Africa.

The Problem

Previous Margin Reports were generated monthly, and separately, by finance teams in each country in Africa with different outputs by Product, Currency and Segment in a Balance Sheet report format. The consolidation process was manual and slow with plenty of room for human error as well as only one view of the end result. This suited some but left most of business requiring further insights.

The Solution

A QlikView app was developed to collate the numerous Excel reports, standardise and consolidate the data and then perform the Margin calculations at various levels of consolidation to allow for a group wide view.

  • The NIM app contains 25 months of history with easy comparisons between and trends across selected periods.
  • Ability to track Actuals against Budgets on the same graph.
  • Easy identification of key factors driving improvement or decline in margins.


  • Automated and accurate consolidations.
  • Time spent on the collation and consolidation process improved from days to a couple of hours.
  • Solution allows for analysis and comparisons of various dimensions including Country, Business Unit, Product, Currency, Version as well as the NIM calculation aggregating based on those dimensions to be done on the fly.