Simplify and Improve Budgeting & Forecasting Accuracy

Relying on spreadsheets for budgeting in the modern competitive environment is similar to still connecting to the internet via a dial-up modem, while your competitors all have high-speed, broadband with 24/7 access. Yet, with over 72% of businesses still using spreadsheets for planning, even though over 87% of spreadsheets contain errors, the only conclusion is that they haven’t received the memo – modern solutions for streamlined, time-saving and accurate budgeting and forecasting are now available.

Most Organisations Don’t Plan as Well as They Could – Why?

Managers just guestimate numbers without a proper basis for the budgeted or forecasted numbers and spend too much time on data collection with little time for actual analysis of the data. The inability to link plans with the business strategy and all functions in the business, as well as the ongoing usage of Excel spreadsheets, infamous for problems such as formula errors, broken links and excessive file sizes, are at the heart of the problem.

How We Help You Avoid Similar Situations

We will improve your forecasting accuracy and reduce the time taken to budget and forecast by up to 80%, as well as create action plans that can be implemented today, in order to drive future profitability. This is especially relevant if you have a complex environment, such as multiple branches and complex allocations, or a shareholder continuously looking for updated plans and forward-looking assumptions.

We have a client who was sending a 36MB file to all their branch managers. The spreadsheet was complicated and no one had a clue as to what was going on. What previously took them 48 hours to process has now been automated and takes only 28 seconds. It is a huge time saving that translates in cost savings.