Continuous Exception Reporting, System Integrity Checking & Continuous Auditing

Human error is the leading cause of costly operational and business financial mistakes. Locating errors is a time-consuming process and running data audits just once a year is inefficient and means that business users are working with erroneous data and processes.

Errors directly create costs through rework, credit notes and write-offs, and indirectly through loss of reputation, lowered customer satisfaction and loss of repeat sales.

One of our clients told us:

“I used to wait once a year for the auditors to highlight issues in my data, which I could quickly fix. I then started running transactional reports on an ad hoc basis, but it was always cumbersome and most of the time I forgot to run the checks. Now we allow the continuous error dashboard to query all our databases every single day and return all the issues on a single page that is simple to monitor. This is a huge time saver and ultimately increased our overall productivity, and it reduces the costs of fixing downstream issues before they even surface.”

How We Help

We can provide a proactive error tracking and reporting solution that identifies and reduces errors before they eat into your profitability.

Another one of our clients used this same mechanism as part of a group wide ERP system implementation. They were able to proactively identify issues ahead of time and manage their exceptions at master data and transactional level. The net result was that the group deployed a 124 site ERP implementation on time, scope, and budget. And what’s even more impressive is that there were no trucks that couldn’t upload or offload, and no debtors or creditors that couldn’t be paid due to issues with the ERP system.

What & How

  • We have a number of predefined tests that run every day and identify exceptions in your business or processes.
  • We have various vanilla and other common tests that will probably work in your environment based on your systems.
  • The tests run every day (whether you’re there or not).
  • We provide you with the opportunity to check the results and make tweaks.We feed the results into a dashboard on a daily basis.
  • New tests that are uniqiue to your environment can easily be created and become part of your continuous and proactive error checking.

How It Benefits Your Company:

  • Reduces fines and penalties.
  • Proactive way to avoid rework, which is expensive.
  • Identifies quality issues early on.
  • Can prevent revenue leakage.
  • Can help to identify fraud.
  • Ensures that your business stays compliant with laws and regulations.
  • Ensures that your master data is accurate, so that you can rely on the reports that come from your systems.
  • Ensures that people are following the business policies and procedures.
  • Reduces the cost of internal auditing.
  • Helps the audit committee to focus and review the right things.
  • One simple place to get a view of everything not going according to plan or policy.

System integrity and data audit checks should be daily occurrences to prevent financial losses, penalties and embarrassments because of reliance on outdated and inaccurate data. Let us help you streamline the process of integrity checking and data auditing.