Integrated Planning for Operational and Financial Success

Companies that successfully implement integrated business planning realise more operational and financial success than those who still work in silos with everyone focussing on the building of their own little kingdom.

The truth is that most departments still plan in silos. And guess what?

  • Plans are inconsistent.
  • The revenue growth that the marketing department is planning is not reflected in the growth in the HR plans.
  • The overheads are based on last year plus 10%, when in reality, some line items should be going up by 20% and others should be reduced by 20%.
  • The Capex plan is focused on the wrong investments.
  • The warehouse manager is reducing capacity to save costs.
  • The maintenance manager always underplans and so the business experiences significant unplanned downtime.
  • Everyone has a plan and there is no single version of the plan.

By integrating the planning process, the overall business predictability increases and the time to plan reduces significantly.

We reduced a client’s planning cycle from 3 months to 1 month, simplified the process and improved the accuracy of planning, as well as provided detailed data to support the plan and not just high-level broad brush assumptions.

What We Do for You

We simplify and speed up the planning process, and improve the forecast accuracy.

We provide you with a multidisciplinary way of planning where all departments collaborate on a single plan and work towards creating and sharing common goals:

  • A single plan that everyone shares, rather than silo-based or disparate plans.
  • Align the organisation to the overall plan.
  • Focus on what is in the windscreen and not the rear-view mirror.
  • Plan for synergies across the organisation in one single plan.
  • Ensure that operational plans are fully aligned and integrated into the overall financial plans, budgets and forecasts of the business.

How We Accomplish the Above

We use a combination of bottom-up, as well as top-down, planning depending on the scenario, and involve all stakeholders in your business (Finance, Marketing & Sales, HR, Technical etc.) and create models which are useful to them for planning their own areas using common assumptions, rules, data and drivers. This ensures that everyone works from the same plan with integrated information. For example – everyone uses the same exchange rates, GDP rate, interest rates, customers, suppliers, products etc.

Call on our experts to help you initiate and implement integrated planning to enable your various departments to work together towards the common goals of your organisation.