Optimise Performance Management Using the Right Model

A staggering number of people are employed in the wrong jobs, don’t know what they’re doing and simply put – waste company time and money. But, don’t blame them. The problem lies with improper performance management or the complete lack of it.

Most companies lose up to 30% of productivity because some of their staff members work hard and not smart, and many departments are not aligned.

This means that they work in different directions, cancelling out their efforts. Of course, there are also the issues of lazy staff, employees not committed or interested in their jobs, and people in the wrong jobs.

Many of the employees don’t understand what is expected from them because they don’t have clearly defined goals and formal feedback is lacking.

Start with proper alignment of employees to the company goals if you want performance to improve. We will do just that and provide you with a framework to drive performance up between 10% and 30% using simple performance monitoring focused on the things that matter.

How to Solve the Problem

We offer you a solution to improve performance management with a process model that is linked to predefined roles, outcomes and measurements, which will probably fit 80% of your business.

This is possible because we take the time to understand your business and to locate the real drivers of value. This helps us to ensure that what makes your business really profitable is built into the framework.

For the rest (standard processes and jobs), you receive a ready-made performance system with the right KPIs already defined per department, thus ensuring that each department has a team scorecard to align the team, allowing you to start almost immediately. Everybody has individual KPIs, targets and action plans aligned to the organisation. In addition, you have consolidated dashboards for easy tracking of feedback.

What & How

  • You receive a system that is already set up for most jobs in any organisation with the right KPIs – you assign the targets in line with your goals and you are ready to go.
  • Your employees receive training of the above through a DIY approach.
  • Our consulting team can rollout the program with workshops, training sessions, and one-on-one change management interviews where required.

We also provide a DIY solution for organisations who would prefer us to train up their internal resources to rollout and support the framework and solution.

Ensure that everyone is on the same page and that they are working towards the same goals. Implement our performance management model, customised to your organisation, to help drive performance in alignment with your company goals.