Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Do you know how to put a strategic plan together?

Do you know how to implement your strategy?

The most common mistake made by managers is to substitute strategy development with planning.

The purpose of strategic planning is to clearly define strategic goals and also provide detailed plans on how to achieve desired outcomes. Strategic planning doesn’t contain a to-do-list and it is not a vision of the future either. It anticipates the future, but involves decision making now.

Fear of the unknown and of failure makes us revert back to what we can control, and this is the to-do-list approach in planning. This approach is why so many managers submit detailed to-do-list plans when asked for a strategic plan.


Your boss just asked you for a strategic plan and you don’t know where to start and don’t want to look stupid either. What does your boss mean? What is it?

  • An income statement, balance sheet and cash flow projected for the next 5 years?
  • A market analysis of which products to enter or exit?
  • A plan to open more branches?
  • Is it a 50-page word document with an analysis by department or by product or by customers, or is he/she looking for a one pager?
  • Is it a plan to make people more strategically focused in the business and what does that really mean?

You don’t want to be in this situation. We can assist in creating a strategic plan efficiently and aligning everybody, whilst making it executable and simple to communicate – thus getting it delivered into the organisation.

We recently assisted an organisation to create a sales strategy with objectives, KPIs (cascading down to an individual level), targets and action plans. The feedback from their Head of Strategy was that “this was a groundbreaking initiative”.

What You Get

We facilitate the goal setting of the entire organisation or teams through workshops and interviews, and establish a strategic plan that everyone buys into, and we implement this throughout the organisation.


  • The organisation’s strategy is clearly articulated with goals, responsibilities, targets, KPIs and action plans.
  • Everyone becomes clear of what is required and what needs to be done by when.
  • Alignment of the people, processes and systems to corporate goals.
  • The visible accountability motivates the organisation to achieve targets.

How we do it:

  • By using best practices, in terms of goals, measurements and targets.
  • Through workshops and interviews.
  • Leaving behind simple systems and dashboards to manage the strategy and the proper feedback loop.

Get the tools, know-how and support to make strategic plans with confidence. Make use of our expert services.