SBP021: How to Balance your KPIs Part 2 of 3

SBP021 How to Balance KPIs part 2 of 3


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When choosing KPIs for every business, team or individual, first consider who the customer is (external or internal) and what they want. 

You will typically find that the starting point is that they want a product or service and it can be summarized as follows: 

  1. Quality – they want the product or service at the level of quality they are paying for,  and
  2. Timeliness – They want it on time, and
  3. Quantity – they will want sufficient of it to meet their requirements

These are the basic deliverables that virtually every deliverable must possess. 

So, when you’re choosing KPIs, try and address these 3 value drivers with matching KPIs. 

So, if you are setting KPIs for a Service Desk engineer you could start with 3 KPIs 

  1. Quality – % First-time Fixes
  2. Timeliness- % SLA met 
  3. Quantity – # Average number of calls closed per week


Here are 5 other ways you can balance your KPIs


  1. Efficiency 
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Lead and lag indicators
  4. Capabilities or Inputs
  5. Process adherence 



Always ensure that you have addressed quality, timeliness and Quantity in a scorecard or dashboard before moving on


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