“The 5 Step Process” Training Course

Ever tried playing tenpin bowling without understanding the technique? You probably ended with a score in the lower 60s, while Mister-know-it-all in the next lane had a handsome score of over 120.

Know why? Because you didn’t know the process involved in getting perfect strikes. The same applies to process documentation in an organisation. Unless you have the inside knowledge on what to do and the right tools to use, it will be an exceptionally frustrating process.

The above is proven by the fact that a large percentage of managers fail at process documenting, even though they understand the importance of it for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The reasons are simple:

  • They don’t know the how, why and what, so it becomes ineffective.
  • They don’t have time for this as there are ironically too many burning issues to solve immediately.

Many executives have told us the importance of having up-to-date processes clearly documented with KPIs, but admit that only about 25% to 35% of their managers are up-to-date and that they could have benefitted greatly if management only did it right.

Download an infographic that explains the 25 Benefits on my Website Infographic.

Primary Benefits

Upon completion of the course, you will have the know-how and tools to define any process faster and more effectively than in the past. It will no longer be a time-consuming process because you’ll be able to solve the inefficiency and quality issues, and remove duplication and waste costing money.

You Will Also Experience Other Benefits:

Learn how to create a business framework – allowing everyone to understand their role within the larger picture i.e. – we align everyone to a common process model.

  • KPIs are linked to processes – enabling you to measure the right things.
  • Simplify the process – ensuring that everyone can understand and contribute towards developing processes.
  • Clarify responsibilities.
  • Reduce the risk of knowledge drain when an employee resigns.
  • Reduce operational issues and backlogs.
  • Empower leaders and managers to affect change within the organisation.
We have a client that struggled to get their monthly billing completed each month. Errors caused delays and the billings typically only went out 11 days after month’s end. After using the “5 step process 101” they got it down to 3 days and had fewer comebacks from the clients.

What Next?

Sign up for our online process training course and receive:

  • Two days of training by an industry expert.
  • The know-how on how to clarify and document any process with only five simple steps.
  • 35 process examples fitting 80% of your business – preventing the need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Toolkit with 40 predefined roles.
  • 100 must-have deliverables for all companies.
  • Over 400 ready-to-go KPIs for assignment to the right people.
  • Dashboard showing who does what, where and when for easier navigation of information.
  • Personalised reports for everyone in the organisation – explaining their jobs i.e. processes, KPIs and deliverables.
Get rid of the confusion and maximise on the benefits of process management. Enrol in the 5 step process training course and learn how to eliminate time and resource wastage with streamlined process documentation – Email us at info@kpims.co.za or call on +27110510000.