Cloud-Based Performance Management System

Performance appraisals in companies often remind one of a visit to the principal’s office. Regardless of how well the pupil performed throughout the year, the most recent failure or behaviour gets attention. It is therefore not surprising that a fifth of employees feels that their appraisals are unfair, more than 57% of managers see the appraisal process as time wasting and in over 89% of cases, the appraisal systems don’t work as hoped.

Business executives often have the tingling feeling that the people in their organisation are not performing to their full potential. However, the data to support their view is incomplete. As a result, their performance management fails because they use an inadequate system that measures people’s performance using the wrong KPIs.

Problems of a poorly design KPI system include:

  • Managers thumb-suck measurements which are topical at the time.
  • Measurement is often subjective and based on opinion, rather than factual data produced from properly defined processes.
  • Performance appraisals are done annually, meaning that by the time the process is completed, everyone forgets about the core discussions and no real changes take place.
  • Information is filed away and unless the manager has an excellent memory or follow-up system, tracking of corrective actions is difficult and it is not possible to assess whether the business results have improved as a result of the appraisal/s.
  • Nobody has an overall picture of how each person or department is performing.
  • KPIs are not linked to the business processes.
  • KPIs are not linked to the goals and priorities of the business
Have you ever walked out of your yearly review with your manager and felt like your entire year’s performance was only measured according to what your manager could remember of the last month? Without an effective and precise system in place to measure the employee’s performance, apart from what the manager can remember, all the employee’s efforts throughout the year may as well have been for nothing. In a situation like this, if not rectified, it could lead to the company’s employees feeling underappreciated and not being recognised for the hard work that they put into the business.

In a separate example, a client of ours didn’t regularly measure performance at a personal level. The employees only did the tasks that they enjoyed and nobody noticed until there was a customer complaint or a transaction/process went horribly wrong, which led to executive management investigating the problem. Within a month of the new performance system being implemented, a few of the key customers asked what was going on in the business, as they were suddenly receiving the right level of customer service.

How Our System Can Benefit Your Company

If you use our performance management system, you will measure the right people with the right KPIs, the KPIs will be linked to your business processes and goals, you will have visibility of each person’s performance and action plans, and you will see the overall performance of your business improve between 10% and 30% – depending on your current baseline.

Our performance management system has predefined KPIs linked to roles, departments, business processes and business goals. The system already includes generic content with best practice having been set up by a chartered accountant that specialises in this field. With such, you don’t have to wonder about which KPIs to use, as the system includes KPI examples from which to choose. This enables you to measure the right things at the right time.

You can deploy personalised scorecards to a team within a week and can add content or KPIs specific to your business. With this system, actions are visible and you can ensure that the actions are followed through to completion by the due date.

The system:

  • Tracks KPIs at a personal level.
  • Is 100% web enabled and mobile ready.
  • Has all tasks, initiatives and training plans recorded and made visible to management to ensure delivery at every level.
  • Allows for capturing of data or loading of such from any other system.
  • Is easy to learn – we train your team to run the system in a day.
  • Has a simple award-winning dashboard to view and analyse the team’s results.

Get the performance management system that will help you measure what is important based on objective data, and ensure proper tracking of follow-ups and improvements. Contact us to discuss your personal performance measurement needs.