Match the Right Person with the Right Job

Staff turnover costs more than you think. It takes more than six months of the employee’s salary in costs to recruit, train and get a replacement employee productive. Satisfied employees help the business to succeed, but happiness starts with job satisfaction and that means the right person should be employed for the right job.

According to studies done by organisations like Gallup, less than 20% of people like going to work or are engaged in their work. The majority of people are thus imprisoned by their work and probably don’t produce the results that they are paid for.

Outside of their day jobs, the same people excel at activities that they enjoy, including work that they do for non-profit organisations or their hobbies. The bottom line is that if the wrong person is in the wrong job, they will probably not achieve the business results that could be achieved with the right person in the right job.

When an individual is in the right job, not only does the individual benefit by enjoying his/her time spent at work, the business also benefits by possessing an employee who gives the job their all. It’s a win-win situation. The employee will perform to their highest capabilities, which in turn increases profits for the company, and the company will be able to able to reward the employee, which further adds to the job satisfaction of the employee.

How to Get the Right Person for the Job

We apply scientific methods for finding the right person for the job, and you will be rewarded with better performance and a lower staff turnover:

  • Remove subjectivity.
  • Increase the chances of the person performing in that job.
  • Reduce chances of staff turnover because subjectivity leads to lower performance.
A client of ours recently asked us to hire 27 people. The business was growing and their bottleneck ended up being resources. After working with management to understand their strategy, processes, culture and values, we had a clear understanding of the jobs, KPIs and capabilities required to fill those jobs. After 2 years, 1 person was not performing and eventually left, but the remaining 26 people were still in the organisation and all of them were achieving their KPI targets.

The Process and How It Helps Business Performance

By objectively placing the right people in the right jobs, the potential to perform is improved, training spending is optimised and your staff turnover ratio will decrease:

We do the following:

  • Determine the purpose of the job and how success is measured.
  • Translate the performance requirement into the Skills / Capability required to succeed.
  • Measure the right capabilities in the following 5 categories:
    1. Education and knowledge
    2. Experience
    3. Technical competency
    4. Behavioural competency
    5. Track record
  • Measure candidates or staff members and identify the gaps:In recruitment, are there too many gaps to appoint?
  • For staff, what are the gaps and how do we close them?
  • Assist our clients to translate the capability improvements into a few well-defined actions that close the gap and have an impact on performance.
  • Use our web-based (mobile ready) scorecards and assessments to measure and manage the capabilities.

Increase your employees’ tenure and improve your business performance and profits. Call us and we’ll provide you with the tools to find the right person for the right job.