The World’s #1 Profit & Loss Report (for Non-Financial Managers)

Most financial reporting systems don’t serve the people that they are intended for i.e. non-financial managers. The non-financial managers can make no sense of the data unless interpreted by the accountants who prepared the numbers.

The problem is that many managers who are responsible for costs are not trained in finance. Financial results are often presented in a very technical or clumsy format. The information is not graphical, is often incomplete, contains errors and has obscure assumptions built-in that only an accountant close to the process would understand.

They, therefore, don’t know how to interpret the information, which makes cost-control nearly impossible, leading to operational decisions not taking finances into account. In turn, this leads to runaway costs – and mangers wonder why they don’t get decent bonuses and shareholders get frustrated with negligible dividends.

Have you ever attended a management meeting, where the financial reports were presented and you were unable to:

  • Determine how you were tracking year-to-date and if you were going to make budget by year-end.
  • Ascertain if the accounts were complete and whether or not the price increases on the revenue line had gone through.
  • Conclude whether or not you were ahead or behind on the budget per category expense.
  • Establish how much cash there was left in the business and if you would be generating enough cash going forward.

How to Solve the Problem

With our profit & loss reporting service, we will make costs visible and easy for any manager to understand, and empower them with actionable information.


  1. Reduce overspending and make your business more profitable with less waste.
  2. Ensure that no one is abusing the company funds.
  3. We make it simple for non-financial managers to use and understand:
    • What they have spent.
    • If they are over or under budget.
    • What cost categories are out of control.
    • How much they can still spend (this is a PDF report that provides perfect visibility into the revenue and cost structures of the organisation, and is the best tool for reducing costs in your SME or department).
We provided one of our clients with visibility into their daily Profit & Loss report and within a year, they had quantifiable savings of 5% of their revenue.

What would another 5% net income to do your bottom line?

It cannot get simpler than this:

  • Just give us some basic extracts from your accounting system.
  • We integrate the extracts into our standard financial model.
  • We send key stakeholders a visual representation of your profit and loss monthly and year-to-date in PDF format that explains the status of the costs per cost centre.
  • There is a set-up fee and then you pay per month and can stop the service at any time.
  • View the attached sample.

Empower your non-financial managers to make informed decisions. Subscribe to the simplest and best profit & loss system for non-financial managers.